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I wanted a straight forward tool that helped me track user/staff/customer behaviour across different systems, for example, internal ERP's, help desks, CRMs, customer facing systems, etc. After doing the research, I realised that the cost and complexity was daunting, hence Sig2Noise.

Track / Trigger / View
user / staff / customer / *(any) events across all of your systems, easily!


The extra effort required to track various events across your business environment is not worth building code for.

Sign2Noise is perfectly suited to track everything, from:
User behavior
Customer behaviour
System events
Staff behaviour
Email behaviour
If you can trigger an API call, you can track it.


You can trigger on any type of event, for any combination of circumstances.

More importantly, you can trigger for a non event, ie an expected event that did not happen.


You can view your events within our dashboard, or trigger an external event, for example:

Send an email
Send a user notification
Call a custom API 
Fetch an event's count/total/status

Literally, anything that can be triggered via an API call.


  • Unlimited Multiple Accounts - Live/Demo/Q&A/Dev/Country/Regions, whatever you need, Sig2Noise reflects the real world! When don't you need multiple accounts for managing requests?      Favorite Feature (add voting) (show score)
  • Unlimited event tagging - Nothing more to say.
  • Unlimited Milestones - makes it easy to track journeys, who uses what, who buys what, etc.  Profiling, segmentation, yip a milestone.... 
  • Triggers - Create triggers on an event occuring, on a milestone being reached, on something NOT happening!! Wow!
  • Easy API Management - Is your system behind closed doors (VPN/Firewall/Etc), with no need for encryption, authentication? You can use Sig2Noise as basically as you want to,. (SSL is a given :))
  • *Secure API's - Do you have a need for insane security protocols, expiring API keys, two way encryption, etc - yip.
  • *Multiple Customers - Do you develop for customers? One login, and you can manage multiple customers. We make it easy to embed Sig2Noise across your customer base.
  • *Sig2Noise is managed by API calls - Need to even automate Sig2Noise, no problem, all management API's are exposed, making it easy for you to add Sig2Noise to your internal systems.
  • * Is in the pipeline, vote them up, if you need them sooner
Give it a try, you will like it!

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